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The Stopping Lights
Something is wrong...
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13th-Oct-2010 05:59 pm - Others
Chase =D (Meh)
So I've been investigating some of the blogs/vlogs that people have been linking me and commenting me from.

So far, most of them seem to have the same core issues that I've been having.

I think that I'll try to get into contact with a least a few of them...

Also, Michiru's been pretty busy answering questions. I'm learning a little more about her so I know what to look out for. I don't want to have to encounter her, though it sucks that I don't know what she looks like. I won't be able to avoid her for long, it seems, if she has her way...

Also, I've started making the video I promised. It'll be up online on Saturday. I've got things that conflict me putting them up for the next few days. Plus I have a few more edits I have to make to the video (pretty much just adding some text and putting all of the clips together).

And I put a small video up (here) and I plan on doing a Ustream at about 8:30 EST tonight. (I've got prior commitments, or I'd do it earlier.)

PS: I will not be on tomorrow, it's my five year anniversary with my boyfriend. I just hope that nothing goes wrong...

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12th-Oct-2010 07:32 pm - Fine, I don't care anymore :/
I'm getting tired of you, Michiru. Send your "Master" after me. Though, if he is the "Master," he doesn't really need to listen to you. He'd prob'ly have his own agenda and send someone else to do his work before he intervened to get one of his victims.

You are just crazy... I'd rather not associate with you any longer than I already have, if I can avoid it. You just like getting your jollies at seeing me frustrated, don't you? You and your "Master" need to get a life and stop pestering everyone you come into contact with.

If it's just me, then I'd like to meet you so that I just might be able to knock some sense into you. Then I'd like to see this "Master" of yours and give him a piece of my mind.

I'm sick and tired of getting harassed by you, so please, by all means, do something productive with your life. I'm not stopping you.

In other news, I'm missing a rather large chunk of today from my memory :x I know that this information can't be good. I'm really worried about this. I just can't catch a break... I remember going to the train station, then, nothing until the ride home in my car. That's about... 7 hours :x Oh god... That's definitely not a good sign.

It seems that I've been coughing a bit more, too. I'm going to have a LONG chat with the doc when I can get an appointment with him and tell him as much as I can about what's going on. And, I swear, if he tells me that it's something like stress or hormones or whatever, I'm going to get really pissed off at him.

Oh, right. I've been a bit busy trying to get a few things done. I've watched some of Everyman Hybrid, as suggested. It seems that it's the same kind of thing that's going on here, but it doesn't seem to have gotten that bad over on my end.

And I've updated the links on the sidebar on the right. I'll take questions, comments, and concerns on here, my LJ (annon comments are allowed), my email (chasechan2050@gmail.com), and my formspring. I know that some people are very worried, and I thank you. But there are just some things that I can't tell anyone yet. I have to face those things on my own first. (My own theories and what not I need to find out on my own)

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10th-Oct-2010 10:43 pm - So far I've...
Chase =D (Meh)
Had a great time in ustream. It's been a bit silly (and everyone's so nice :3), but we've gotten a few things straightened out.

One of these things being this "Slender Man"

I'm told that if he comes at me, weapons may not work. I'll at least try and injure it and run if I can. Though I'm not 100% sure about the thing I saw about a month ago. (I'll investigate this further in a little while)

Another being Michiru.

I've gathered that Michiru may just be someone who's playing a prank (a very good one), a creeper, a stalker, and a few other things. I just know that I don't like her. I don't lie the fact that she's been taking my icon(s) either >:/ I can't trust her, regardless.

Some of the people we're rather helpful about the whole thing (other than the trolls and other creepers). I didn't encounter Michiru in the chat, though, thank god. I don't think that she'll be around to bother me tonight. But I'm not holding my breath :x

Everyman Hybrid

I was told to check them out. I'm also told that they're also in New Jersey. I'll see if I can talk to them a little via PM through Youtube or something. (If at all possible, it'd be cool if we could meet up, but I'm not sure about how they'd react.) I'll post back if I learn anything useful.

Also, people have been asking about my artwork as I told them that I go to art school. Here's the link: Me on DevArt ... Though it doesn't help that I don't care much for my own art :x

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10th-Oct-2010 05:36 pm - Ustream?
Chase =D (Meh)
I'm thinking about doing a Ustream tonight. At least to clear up some questions and what not and to actually talk to some of you. I'm interested in what theories that you have about who this Michiru girl is and this thing that's been stalking me is.

I'm planning it at about 6:30 EST (Time Zone Converter), but I'll prob'ly start a little earlier than that to get set up and all.

The Stopping Lights via Ustream

I've also been feeling a bit better. The doctor recommended me to take Aspirin or what ever and sent me home. So I've been taking some when I wake up, midday, and before I go to sleep. I don't think that it'll help me in the long run, but it's something, at least.

I also seem to have been loosing some time... Just five minutes here, ten minutes there. I don't think that it's something to be worried about right now, either. I haven't been sleeping very well lately, so I think that it's my body's way of telling me to get some sleep. I think I'll start investing in sleeping pills...

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9th-Oct-2010 02:47 am - Sick... Orz.
diva boom
So, I've been feeling pretty sick lately :/ It sucks. I'm normally in pretty decent health, but it seems that this year kinda just took me for a loop. I've been coughing a lot more that I had previously in the past week. And I've had to go to the doctors. Obviously, coughing up blood isn't very healthy or natural. (Who'd have guessed...)

I'm still trying to find a good opportunity to do my video :/ I might even do a quick live stream chat soon if I can't get the video ready in time. It'll prob'ly be on my personal Ustream/Stickam/what have you account.

Oh, and I should have put this up earlier, but really didn't think it'd be needed. I think that this'd be another good way to get into contact with me: Chasechan2050@gmail.com. If you have any idea of how to go about any problems you may have or to consult me about various things that you think may be the cause, drop me a link. I don't mind and I'll try and get back to you ASAP. I'll prob'ly also post some, if not all of the email that I get, but omit the original person's email address.

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7th-Oct-2010 02:14 pm - Video?
persona 2
I've been trying to ignore Michiru... She's rather annoying, though :/ She just a big creeper. I don't want to associate with her, so I'm going to try and ignore her for as long as I can.

I've been thinking that I should at least post a video or two on my youtube account. At least to sum up what happened so far. This is just too much to handle right now... I just hate what this is becoming. I was just going to have a new blog for some personal friends to look at, and it's become this... horrible thing.

After a while, things just started turning for the worse. And I've almost been killed... Er, what, like a month ago? This is not fun, and it's been too long if it was someone trying to prank me.

I don't know what to do. I've been coughing a lot lately and just not feeling well. When to the doctors to see about the cough and the fact the blood came up today. I don't think that it's a good sign. He thinks that I should just get some over the counter stuff cold medicine and I'll be fine. I don't believe that he'd understand the situation I'm in, if I had told him. He'd have just sent me to the psych ward.

I'll post up a video soon, at least so you can see how just in chaos I am. I'm trying to hang in here, but it's doesn't seem like my mind wants to. It's a bit of a dilemma I've gotten myself into.

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5th-Oct-2010 05:32 pm - Stalker?
So this Michiru51 girl is just crazy... she just harassing me on twitter, now... And I just looked at her profile, and she has a blog called The Master Comes... I'm also not fond of her "IHIHIHI~!" laughter, either...

Do I just attract crazy? I'd hope not, or I'm in for something WAY worse than I could have imagined...

BTW: Here are her Twitter and Youtube accounts as well

On another note, it hasn't really stopped raining yet :/ And I really hate going down stairs when it's raining... It's too dark, though there are lights at stuff, but it just creeps me out :x

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4th-Oct-2010 07:32 pm - Fires?
diva boom
Apparently there have been a lot of fires recently in and near New Jersey... And it's raining :/ It seems that I'm having this reoccurring them in my life lately. It doesn't seem very good. And considering the dream that I had in this post, I don't think that it'll end up in a positive way...

I think that there have been a few fires in the neighboring towns by my house. I keep hearing Fire trucks and cops and ambulances riding by my road in the past week/week and a half. I have a really bad feeling about this. I feel like something it trying to tell me that might happen soon.

Maybe my dream was a warning. I'm not sure anymore. I just want this to stop. I don't like this anymore. I can't stand not knowing what is going to become of my fate :/ 'Specially with these messages of fire and water. Your text goes here. Your text goes here.

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3rd-Oct-2010 08:54 pm - The rain.
I've been getting these really bad migraines/headaches again. I'm not sure why, but it's killing me... :x

It has been raining a lot lately. I don't like it, it makes me feel sleepy. and the fact that when it rains a lot, it floods out our basement. I hate it because it's an inconvenience... All of my nice clothes wind up on the line downstairs and I can't get to them easily if the basement floods...

I really wish that the rain would end soon. It's not raining very hard right now, but I just really hate the drowsy feeling I have.

I've also been seeing things on the train. There are few groups of trees that pass by while I head to school. I happened to see this really tall figure that just kinda blended into the trees. It looked a lot like the figure that had attacked me almost a month ago. I just... I hate taking the train. This feeling of someone/something following me, I just don't like it. I have to suck it up and go to school, though.

I hate the dilemma I'm in. It's a very horrible one. I'm back in a rock and a hard place, yet again.

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30th-Sep-2010 04:50 pm - Who are you?
So, today just isn't turning out the way I'd wish it would have :/

I had an epic fight with granny of the DUMBEST thing, my Patco card (the first one I had gotten doesn't work) and she made a HUGE fit about it. I told her straight up the truth about various things and she just doesn't wanna accept that she's wrong for what I told her abut herself. She and I aren't on talking terms now...

Then it starts to rain (it started at least half and hour ago from the time of this post) and I just hate the rain. It makes me drowsy and just (today) just doesn't make me feel very good.

And this month, a lot of my friends are having a ton of issues... I just have a bad feeling that something's gunna go down tonight.

Then this "Michiru51" girl follows me on twitter with the following message:

"@stoppinglights: When the master finally comes along with the moonlight that haunts the darkness, he'll have your head. He WILL get you!"

This is the last thing that I need to deal with, today.

And I keep getting the headaches. I've just recently been getting them. Every time I get one, it's just a bit worse than the last one. I think that I should go to the doctors office soon. She if they say anything... though It could be because I'm stressed out from all that has been happening recently. If I figure out that that's the case, I'll just take more medicine and hopefully I'll be fine. I guess I'll give it a few more days.

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29th-Sep-2010 09:04 pm - More dreams...
diva boom
I've been having these.... weird dreams lately.

I had two dreams last night. Any of the other, I can't recall...

The first dream I had last night was about the house behind me. It have been raining and a bolt of lightening hit one of the trees and caught a little of the tree and the grass on fire. Then the house set on fire and there had been people inside. Two of them were on fire, the third had got out safely. The first guy burned to death and the second guy escaped and put himself out. I had locked up the door so that they couldn't get in and I freaked out and ran to my room.

The second dream was a lot less frightening (er, at least to me).

My boyfriend and I were going off to someplace for a Digimon art contest. I had met my friend, Sare, on the bus that we had taken and we were on our way to our destination. About half way there, I had gotten kicked off of the bus for saying something(?) bad about something completely irrelevant and I was pretty pissed. My boyfriend got kicked off with me and I don't know what happened to my friend (I assume that she got there without getting kicked off, as well).

I can't recall anything about my other dreams but the reoccurring theme of fire/water... I'm not sure what this means :/ I'm not looking forward to what's in my future...

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25th-Sep-2010 03:52 pm - Fog...
Yesterday started off foggy, and I didn't have a good feeling about how the day would pan out.

School was fine, nothing much happened. It was just a typical day, as usual.

Didn't feel like anyone was following me on the trains (going to school and coming home) so I felt fine for most of the day.

My boyfriend came over last night and I felt fine until he left... I had made sure that he was getting to his car fine and watched him leave but I saw something... Someone in the trees across the street. It looked like he was really tall. Abnormally tall. A good 8+ feet tall... it's pretty unnerving. I'm just hoping the it was just my imagination running wild. I really don't wanna find out what/who it was...

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I had just gotten this comment on my personal Youtube channel.... I'm not sure how to take it.

"Bit by bit, it can be seen. Bit by bit, it can be heard. Bit by bit, it grows stronger. Here, there, and everywhere. The end of the throbbing , the master finally comes along with the moonlight that haunts the darkness. Taking his time as he comes... Bit by bit... Bit by bit."

I've search around with my anime notes (yes, I take notes) and found out that it's from one of my favorite anime, Ergo Proxy. Though it seems that she's (assuming, as Michiru is a female name in Japanese [UN: michiru51]) commenting on other videos and Youtube accounts with the same quote.

I'm just a little worried (offended?) that she'd use my favorite anime to quote from. I'm not sure of the significance of this quote, but I'll most certainly look into it.

I'll get back to everyone as to what my findings are about the quote and about the link to what I may be going through.

EDIT: So I've found the episode of Ergo Proxy (via the Funimation channel on Youtube) that has the quote (albeit in the English dubb, it's altered a bit.) Ergo Proxy episode 8 (view 14:14-14:55) Though you'll have to site through 2 preview if you skip a head, 3 if you don't.

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21st-Sep-2010 02:01 pm - Getting sicker...
Vincent- Ergo Proxy; promised
So, last night I heard some sort of screeching and some animals squealing. I have a bad feeling about this... I don't wanna look out the window. I think that whoever/whatever is out there just bludgeoned/killed something. I don't even wanna think about it.

Then, I had heard something like foot steps, like some one just walked away calmly. It's really giving my the willies...

And Just when I though that I was ready to go to bead and actually get some real sleep for the first time in days, something/someone was scratching at my neighbor metal shed. (the one referenced here) and I know that it wasn't my neighbor as he headed off to bed (the TV was off when I went out to go put more garbage in the trash can for trash day) and I saw that the bedroom light was on. I still hate that mom makes me go out in the middle of the night to go do stuff, but I haven't told her about anything that's going on.

And my cough seem to have gotten worse with me getting sick :/ I hope that this doesn't mean anything. I may need to go see a specialist...

I need to get out of here. There's no way I can stay here for much longer

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He's watching, always.
20th-Sep-2010 09:17 pm - What?... I don't even...
I still have the creeps about being followed. I can just sense it, though it seems to have calmed down a bit. Feels like the calm before the storm if you ask me. I'm not sure how long I can keep up with the suspense of trying to figure out when he'll come at me next. It's just... I'm not sure if I can keep up with this. With all of this.

I might as well just go out and buy a few things to fortify my house and then go from there. If not I can see about moving... I'm not sure about leaving though :/ I love my house... It's really the only place that I've known. It'd be sad to leave.

But now I've got this odd thing that happens to me. I see these red dots every so often. It's definitely not normal... and I'm starting to have a slight cough. I don't think that the cough is too odd, but I just can't be too careful now-a-days. I hate this feeling that I can't do much to stop whatever I think is going to happen (but there could be a very good chance that it won't happen and me jut rushing into things).

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18th-Sep-2010 03:12 pm - Blah...
I've started school again. I haven't really had that feeling that anyone's watching me on the train that I take every day because I've been trying to keep busy.... But at home, well, not so much.

Every so often, when I go outside, I get the feeling. The feeling the someone is in the trees that are behind my neighbor's yard. It doesn't help that I go out during the evening/night. I just really hate it. I just can't take it that something/someone is watching me, stalking me. Gives me the creeps...

Just the other night, I heard a low, gruff laugh coming from the tree when I put the cover on the grill. I hurried and bolted in the house. I'm fairly glad that there's nothing in my backyard, but that leave me open for another attack from the tall, thin man that had attacked me earlier. It seems like a double edged sword. I'm not sure what to do anymore.

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13th-Sep-2010 12:19 pm - Sick T-T
Chase =D (Meh)
I've been starting to feel ill recently. I've not had this sort of illness before, though. It's mostly coughing, but there are other symptoms. Enough to keep me from really doing too much around the house/outside.

I've also notices that there are a few files that are slowly being corrupted on my computer and websites... I'm hoping that it really isn't a hacker. Or something worse :/

Ah, I had almost forgot... I had done some research on the tall, lanky man that had attacked me the other night. It seems that he hunts children and people who know about him... But if this is true, then why would he have to come after me? I'm 19, that should prove something to him, that I'm not a child... The I'm adult. But I don't quite think that he'll go for reasoning like that.

Maybe it that I look fairly young for my age? I mean, I haven't really changed at all from my freshman year in high school and now I'm a sophomore in collage. It would suck to be mistaken for a child :/

See what I mean: (sorry for the B&W Photo)

Me then:
Me now:

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11th-Sep-2010 11:35 pm - Seriously! WTF!?
Vincent- Ergo Proxy; promised
Ok, so, stupid me, I decide to wonder outside to investigate what the sounds are that are coming from my backyard and I almost fucking get mowed down by this.... Tall skinny giant. I fucking bolted inside as quickly as I could and locked up everything... Shit. It's not funny anymore. I just thought it was my being weird and paranoid, but... God.

Now I don't even wanna go out side. Ever. God, I felt that I had 2 heart attacks in a row, my hearts racing. I never wanna feel that again.

I guess I should take pictures of my house in case the house get destroyed by this... THING. I'll upload them here for safe keeping then... DAMMIT! I didn't bring my camera out with me! What am I, stupid? I should have gotten it on film. Shit!

Ah, my life sucks... Now'd be a good time to at least let people know at least something in case I get hurt.

... And what's this? Really... Someone is screwing with ALL of my backgrounds!? Great, Just what I need.

LJ Profile
11th-Sep-2010 09:30 pm - Dreams...
diva boom
Hung out with my boyfriend at the mall yesterday. He said that I looked like I've been spooked by something... I'd tell him but I really would rather not get him involved.

Lately... I've been having trouble sleeping. These dreams are of a tall, lanky guy. He looks very pale and he doesn't seem to have a face. At first I don't notice him, but he follows me, hiding behind tree, buildings, or whatever else he can hide behind, and then, as I continue, he gets closer to me... At first, he didn't get t close, but every time I dream, he gets closer. The last dream I had was when he had appeared in front of me. Scared me so bad I don't even want to sleep... I just.... I don't know what to do any more.

I'll see if I can research it a bit more and find out who or what this is and if I can do anything about it :/

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He came
9th-Sep-2010 01:25 pm - What?
persona 2
So... I just took a picture from my window of where I had heard the sounds of running last night and my camera say that the picture is "3 of 3" when there are no other pictures in the memory card... I turned it back on and it did the same thing. I'm sure that it's just an error on the camera...

I dunno, but I'm hoping that nothing is wrong with my camera, I did get it from my boyfriend as a present.⟴

I have figured out that the two other images are unrelated to anything (other than my Pokemon collection), but for some reason don't show up on my camera. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't seem to be affected when I plug in the memory card to my computer. I'll investigate it later, as it doesn't seem to be too important.

I'll post the pik in a few minutes as soon as I upload it to my computer.

Here it is:

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8th-Sep-2010 10:30 pm - Oh Shi-
Persona 1
God... DAMMIT. I heard running near the trees that are by my backyard. Fuck... Like, a person running. And the animals are all spooked.

This happened earlier when I went to go put the cover on the grill. The trash can fell back over when I picked it up, then it sounded like running sounds in the leaves...

Even when I hung out with my boyfriend today, I had that odd suspicion that someone was spying on us... Obviously I didn't see anything, but god, how is it that I don't even feel too safe in my own house... 'Specially with school coming up in less than a week. I need to do something, but I'm not sure what.

I don't want to involve too many people into this, at the risk that this happens to them, too. But I don't wanna go through this alone/by myself.

(I guess lying to myself would have been better...)

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7th-Sep-2010 08:29 pm - Agh, leg :/
Me and my mom just got back from computer shopping :/ I have to get a mac for school and we were trying to see if the Apple store that's in the mall would give us the discount, but apparently you have to make an appointment? I dunno, whatever. Seems kinda stupid to me.

But about half way to the car, my leg started to hurt... I haven't the foggiest. Maybe it's a bad omen. I hope not... Though being with people has made me forget about my paranoia. Maybe that's all I've gotta do, just keep telling myself that it's not real and it'll go away... right? That all of the sounds and stuff are just imaginary, fake, not real...

But I'd hate to lie to myself

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7th-Sep-2010 03:39 pm - Profile
diva boom
Just a little minor thing, but you can got take a look at my profile now :D I've uploaded it with my favorite manga/anime, movies, bands and more. go check some of the stuff out, it's all pretty good :D

(Quick link to the profile)
7th-Sep-2010 02:11 pm - Bah, school
Plenair <3
I had to go to my school today to get my schedule and junk. Went by myself. Parking was a bitch, considering that my Patco/Speedline card didn't work... so I had to drive around for half an hour to find somewhere to park. Wasn't fun at all. Decided to park right across from the lot I usually do and walk up and got a new card. I have a new dilemma of trying to get all of the money I had on the previous card off of it, though it's not much, from what I recall.

While I was on the train, I felt as though I was being watched/followed... it was a pretty creepy thought and I just dismissed it as me being paranoid.... but what if it isn't. I mean, what if someone... Something is following me. I might not even be able to see it. Maybe I've finally gone off the deep end. I really should have someone check it out/research it or go to someone for help... But I'd hate to bring them into something that might be potentially dangerous. Hm, still feeling like I'm in between a rock and a hard place.

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6th-Sep-2010 10:09 pm - Camera
I think that the more I think about the shadow that I had seen earlier, I feel the need to bring my camera with me... just for precautions. Though this just could me and my imagination going wild... but if it is, I don't know what I'd do. At least I'd have a picture of it...

God, all this talk of cameras and what my imagination thinks the shadow is reminds me of the Fatal Frame series of games... maybe I'll start playing them again after I'm done FF9 to get something out of it...

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